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The 34th NIBB Conference "Responses of The Photosynthetic Apparatus to Environmental Light Conditions"

Organizers Norio Murata
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Dec. 10-12, 1994
第 34 回基礎生物学研究所コンファレンス「光合成機構の光環境への応答」は、当該分野の最近の研究成果について高度な討論をするために企画された。過去 10 年間において光合成の光環境に対する研究は著しい進歩をとげ、この分野に関する多数の論文が発表されている。しかしながら、これらの研究は有機的なつながりを持つことなく独立に発展してきたもので、今まで、総合的に論じられることが少なかった。そこで、第 34 回コンファレンスでは、異なる研究手法、あるいは、異なる研究の立場を持つ研究者を一堂に集めて、光合成機構の光環境への応答について総合的に討論することを主目的とした。この企画は成功をおさめ、活発な討論を通じて参加者が多くの成果を挙げ、満足して帰国の途についた。参加者は国外から 16 名、国内から 42 名、基礎生物学研究所から 25 名であった。3 日間の会議は国際的雰囲気に包まれて進行した。
December 10 (Saturday) Morning
9:45-9:50 Opening address-Kimiyuki Satoh (NIBB)
9:50-10:00 Welcome to NIBB-Ikuo Takeuchi (Director General of NIBB)
Session I. Photo-regulation of PSI/PSII stoichiometry
Chairpersons: J. M.Anderson and S. Katoh
10:00-10:35 E. Gantt, G. Wolfe, S. Tan, F. X. Cunningham Jr. and B. Grabowski
  The LHC antenna complex of photosystem I in Parphyridium cruentum and its acclimation.
10:35-11:10 Y. Fujita, A. Murakami, K. Aizawa and K. Ohki
  Changes in stoichiometry among thylakoid components in Cyanophytes: Acclimation to chromatic light.
11:10-11:30 K. Aizawa and Y. Fujita
  Changes in PSI synthesis in response to chromatic light observed with Synechocystis PCC 6714.
11:30-12:05 A. Melis, A. Murakami, J. A.Nemson, C. Vasilikiotis, K. Aizawa, K. Ohki, and Y. Fujita
  Chloroplast acclimation to varied quality or intensity of irradiance involves a constitutive expression of photosystem-II and a highly regulated expression of photosystem-I.
12:05-12:25 Discussion
12:25-12:35 Group photo
12:35-13:35 Lunch
December 10 (Saturday) Afternoon
Session II. Photo-degradation of Dl protein
Chairpersons: M. Ikeuchi and A. Melis
13:35-14:10 M. Miyao
  Specific degradation of photosystem II Dl   protein by active oxygen species: Implication for mechanism of the Dl protein degradation under illumination.
14:10-14:45 T. Ono
  Effects of photosystem II inhibitors on selective and specific degradation of the Dl protein.
14:45-15:20 I. Ohad, H. Gong, N. Keren, T. Mor, H. Zer, J. Hischberg and H. Pakrasi
  Role of RCII-acceptor side in the low and high light induced degradation of PSII protein subunits.
15:20-15:40 Break
15:40-16:15 A. K. Mattoo
  Photoregulation of Dl protein modifications in relation to PSII dynamics.
16:15-16:50 P. Nixon
  Aberrant turnover of the DI protein in site directed mutants of the cyanobavterium Synecocystis sp. PCC 6803 that show preturbed electron transfer in photosystem two.
16:50-17:10 Y. Narusaka, M. Saeki, H. Kobayashi and K. Satoh
  Photo-tolerant mutants of Synechocystis PCC6803 obtained by in vitro random mutagenesis of psbAII.
17:10-17:30 Discussion
Session III. Recovery from photoinhibition
Chairpersons: I. Ohad and A. Watanabe
17:30-17:50 N. Inagaki, A. Matsumoto, Y. Yamamoto, F. Taguchi and K. Satoh
  Identification and characterization of C-terminal processing protease for Dl precursor protein.
18:00-20:30 Reception
December  11 (Sunday) Morning
Session III. Recovery from photoinhibition (continued)
Chairpersons: I. Ohad and A. Watanabe
9:00-9:35 G. H. Krause, O. Y. Koroleva, A. Thiele, and P. Jahns
  Photoinhibition and recovery of photosystem II in relation to xanthophyll cycle activity and DI-protein turnover.
9:35-10:10 K.- J. van Wijk
  Reassemby and reactivation of PSII after light-induced ·degradation of the D-1 protein. 
10:10-10:30 Break
10:30-11:05 Z. Gombos, H. Wada and N. Murata
  Fatty acid desaturation affects the recovery from low-temperature photoinhibition. 
11:05-11:40 E.-M. Aro, E. Kanervo and N. Murata
  Turnover of the D1 protein of photosystem II in Synechocystis PCC 6803 mutants defective in desaturation of fatty acids.
11:40-12:15 B. Y. Moon, S. Higashi, Z. Gombos and N. Murata
  Changes in tolerance of the photosynthetic machinery to low-temperature photoinhibition by modification of lipid biosynthesis.
12:15-12:35 Discussion
12:35-13:35 Lunch
December 11 (Sunday) Afternoon
Session IV. Redox responding sensory transduction
Chairpersons: Y. Fujita and A. K. Mattoo
13:35-14:10 J. F. Allen, C. A Allen, L. Cheng, G. Hakansson and D. Stys
  Effects of redox potential on thylakoid protein phosphorylation and chloroplast and mitochondrial protein synthesis.
14:10-14:45 K. Inoue, J. K. Kouadio, C. S. Mosley and C.E.Bauer
  Biochemical characterization of redox responding sensory transduction components in Rhodobacter capsulatus.
14:45-15:20 J.M. Anderson, G.D. Price, J.-W. Yu, W. S. Chow and M. Badger
  Transformation with antisense  RNA  directed against the Rieske FeS and ATP δ nuclear-encoded polypeptides.
15:20-15:40 Discussion
15:40-16:00 Break
Session V. Translational and transcriptional regulation by light
Chairpersons: D. A. Christopher and M. Sugiura
16:00-16:20 H. Kuroda and K. Satoh
  Accumulation of translation intermediates of Dl protein in isolated pea chloroplasts in the dark.
16:20-16:55 S. P. Mayfield, A. Darron, A. Cohen, C. B. Yohn and R. Bruick
  RNA/protein interaction in light regulated translation.
16:55-17:30 S. S. Golden, R. Li, R. Kulkarni, and N. F. Tsinoremas
  Light responsive regulation of cyanobacterial PSII genes.
17:30-17:50 J. Obokata
  Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulations of the nuclear genes for PSI in Nicotiana sylvestris.
18:30-21:00 Conference dinner
December 12 (Monday) Morning
Session V. Translational and transcriptional regulation by light (continued)
Chairpersons: T. Takabe and S. Mayfield
9:00-9:35 H. Fan and M. Sugiura
  Analysis of light-responsive transcription of rbcS in vitro.
9:35-10:10 D. A. Christopher
  Coordination of blue light/UV-A-activated psbD­ psbC transcription and PSII subunit turnover in chloroplasts.
10:10-10:45 Y. Toyoshima and T. Shiina
  In vitro analysis of light regulation of psbD/C promoter in dark and/or light-grown wheat seedings.
10:45-11:05 Discussion
11:05-11:25 Break
Session VI. Photo-regulated dynamics of photosynthetic apparatus
Chairpersons: E. Grant and K. Tanaka
11:25-11:45 S. Katoh
  Photosynthetic acclimation to shade of senescing rice leaves.
11:45-12:20 A.-L. Etienne, F. Garnier and J.-C. Thomas
  New results about a transient association of a chaperon protein with Spirulina maxima phycobilisomes in relation to light intensity.
12:20-13:20 Lunch
December 12 (Monday) Afternoon
Session VI. Photo-regulated dynamics of photosynthetic apparatus (continued)
Chairpersons: K. Tanaka and E. Gantt
13:20-13:55 J. Sheen
  Blue light signaling in maize leaf cells.
13:55-14:30 K. Asada
  Ferredoxin-and NADP+ -mediated cyclic electron transports-A mechanism for down-regulation of PSII.
14:30-14:50 Break
14:50-15:25 G. Takeba
  Photoprotective role of photorespiration.
15:25-16:00 K. Sonoike
  Selective photoinl}ibition of photosystem I in vivo and in vitro.
16:00-16:20 Y. Sasaki, T. Konishi and Y. Nagano
  Prokaryote form of acetyl-CoA carboxylase and light
16:20-16:50 Discussion
16:50-17:00 Closing address-Norio Murata (NIBB)