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NIBBコンファレンス - 開催リスト

The 9th NIBB Conference "Mechanism of Cell Movement IV"

Organizers Haruo Kanatani
Yukio Hiramoto
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Mar. 11-13, 1982
M. Kuwabara (Director-General of NIBB) : Welcome address
1. R. Nagai and S. Takagi (Osaka Univ.) : Regulation of cytoplasmic streaming in Vallisneria mesophyll cells.
2. K. Kuroda (Osaka Univ.) : Cytoplasmic streaming in the Nitella cell cut open by micro­ surgery.
3. Y. Shimnen, M. Tazawa (Univ. of Tokyo) and Y. Tominaga (St. Agnes Junior College for Women): Cytoplasmic streaming in a cell model of Nitella.
4. S. Inoue (M. B. L., Woods Hole and Univ. of Pennsylvania) :  Analysis of cell motility  by  video, polarized light based microscopy.
5. Peter K. Hepler (Univ. of Massachusetts) : Membranes and ion fluxes associated with mitosis.
6. Y. Hamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and F. Iwasa (univ. of Tokyo): Visualization of fluorescently labeled calmodulin.
7. Melanie M. Pratt (Harvard Medical School) : Dynein ATPase in the isolated sea urchin mitotic spindle.
8. Michael W. Berns (Univ. of California) : Mechanism of cell division and other motile processes studied by laser microirradiation.
9. M. Morisawa (Ocean Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo), M. Okuno (Univ. of Tokyo) and S. Morisawa (St. Marianna Univ.) : Role of cAMP in initiating sperm motility in rainbow trout.
10. H. Murofushi, K. Ishiguro and H. Sakai (Univ. of Tokyo) : Stimulation of sperm triton models by cAMP-dependent protein kinase and a protein factor.
11. Y. Yano, C. Toyoshima, T. Wakabayashi and H. Mohri (Univ. of Tokyo) : Structure and composition of dynein arm.
12. T. Miki-Noumura and S. Arakawa (Ochanimizu Univ.) : Conformational change of doudlet microtubules.
13. K. Takahashi, C. Shingyoji and S. Kamimura (Univ. of Tokyo) : Microtubule slinding and oscillatory movement in reactivated sea urchin sperm flagella.
14. S. Ishijima (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Y. Hiramoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology and NIBB) : Flexural rigidity of mammalian sperm flagella.
15. S. A. Baba (Univ. of Tokyo): A novel method for waveform analysis of cilia and flagella.
16. Charles J. Brokaw (California Inst. of Technology) : Generation of the flagellar bending cycle.
17. Y. Naitoh and K. Sugino (Univ. of Tsukuba) : Simulated crossbridge pattern corresponding to a ciliary beat in Paramecium.
18. M. Yano, Y. Yamamoto and H. Shimizu (Univ. of Tokyo): Actomyosin motor.
19. Shoichiro Tsukita, K. Yokoyama, H. Ishikawa and M. Kurokawa (Univ. of Tokyo): On the coexistence of glial fibrillary acidic (GFA) protein and vimentin in astroglial intermediate ftlaments.
20. K. Owaribe (Nagoya Univ.) : Actin microfilaments and intermediate filaments in pigmented epithelial cells.
21. Robert D. Goldman (Northwestern Univ.) : Dynamic aspects of the cytoskeletal system during cell movement and shape determination.
22. K. Ohashi and K. Maruyama (Chiba Univ.) : Localization of Z-protein, the Z disk lattice protein of skeletal muscle, in intestinel epithelial cells.
23. Sachiko Tsukita, Shoichiro Tsukita and H. Ishikawa (Univ. of Tokyo) : The filament organi­ zation in smooth muscle cells.
24. M. Okuno (Univ. of Tokyo) and Elias Lazarides (Calif. Inst. Tech.) : Location of α-actinin and effect of anti-α-actinin antibodies microinjected into differentiating muscle culture cells.
25. N. Kamiya (Osaka Univ. and NIBB), R. D. Allen (Dartmouth Coll.) and Y. Yoshimoto (NIBB): Dynamic organization of Physarnm plasmodium.
26. T. Masaki (Univ. of Tsukuba): Immunochemical analysis of embryonicmyosin and α-actinin.
27. T. Obinata (Chiba Univ.) : Differentiation of C-protein during embryonic development of chicken skeletal muscle.
N. Kamiya (Osaka Univ. and NIBB) : Closing Remarks