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The 22nd NIBB Conference "The Molecular Basis of Communication within The Cell"

Organizers Yoshitaka Nagahama
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Feb. 15-17, 1989

第22回基生研コンファレンス「 The Molecular Basis of Communication within the Cell 」は、特別研究「細胞内における情報伝達の分子機構」の研究活動の一環として、平成元年2月15日~17日に基生研一階会議室において開催された。参加者は外国人研究者8名、日本人研究者は62名で、上記研究課題のこれまでの総括および今後の展開について19件の研究発表と活発な討議がなされた。
Welcome Address : T. S. Okada (Director General, NIBB)
Opening : Y. Nagahama. (NIBB), Organizer
1. J.Pouyssegur (Universite de Nice)
2. M.Hagiwara (Nagoya University)
  Quantitative analysis of protein kinase C isozymes in mammalian tissues.
3. Y.Takai (Kobe University)
  Small molecular weight guanine nucleotide-binding proteins.
4. M. Mita, N. Ueta, and Y. Nagahama (Teikyo University, and National Institute for Basic Biology)
  Regulation of adenylate cyclase activity in starfish follicle cells by GTP-binding protein.
5. K. Chiba, L. A. Jaffe, F. Shilling, T. Kishimoto, H. Tadenuma, T. Katada, and  M. Hoshi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Connecticut Health Center, and University of Southern California)
  Pertussis toxin-sensitive G-protein participates in 1-methyladenine-induced oocyte maturation.
6. S. Nakajin (Hoshi University)
  Purification and characterization of steroid 17α-hydroxylase / C17.20-lyase and 20β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase from neonatal pig testis.
7. K. Shiota, K. Noda, and M. Takahashi (University of Tokyo)
  Purification of 20α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and its significance in reproductive activity.
8. K. Yanagibashi, and M. Kawamura (The Jikei University School of Medicine)
  On the mechanism of action of ACTH: Purification of a bovine adrenal protein which increases cholesterol delivery to mitochondria in an ACTH-dependent manner.
9. M. Mori (Shizuoka University)
  Role of granulosa and theca cells on steroidogenesis in avian ovary: Two-cell type model.
10. A. Kanamori, and Y. Nagahama (National Institute for Basic Biology)
  Cytodifferentiation of fish ovarian follicle cells during oocyte growth and maturation.
11. W. L. Miller (University of California, San Francisco)
  Molecular biology of steroid hormone synthesis.
12. M. Yoshikuni, K. Ishikawa, and Y. Nagahama (National Institute for Basic Biology, and Shizuoka University)
  Endocrine control of meiotic maturation of amphibian, fish and starfish oocytes.
13. M. J. Lohka (University of Colorado Health Sciences Center)
  Regulation of metaphase by maturation-promoting factor and cdc proteins.
14. K. Tachibana, M. Ishiura, T. Uchida, and T. Kishimoto (Nagoya University, National Institute for Basic Biology, and Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Molecular cloning of the starfish egg mRNA responsible for meiotic maturation.
15. N. Sagata (Tsukuba Life Science Center, RIKEN)
  Involvement of c-mos proto-oncogene in meiotic maturation in Xenopus oocytes.
16. B. A. Edgar, C. F. Lehner, and P. O'Farrell (University of California San Francisco)
  Cyclin A and cdc25 homologs in Drosophila cell-cycle control.
17. T. Nishimoto (Kyushu University)
  RCCl protein and chromosome condensation.
18. M. Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)
  Regulation of meiosis in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
19. H. Iida, Y. Yagawa, and Y. Anraku (National Institute for Basic Biology)
  Regulation of cell proliferation by Ca2+ in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae.