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NIBBコンファレンス - 開催リスト

The 29th NIBB Conference "The Visual System of Drosophila - From Gene to Structure and Function -"

Organizers Yoshiki Hotta
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Mar. 17-19, 1992

第29回基礎生物学研究所コンファレンス「 The Visual System of Drosophila 」は、平成4年3月17日~19日に職員会館2階会議室において開催された。国内より49名、海外より6名の参加者をあつめ、13件の発表に対して活発な討論が行われた。
Opening  Remarks : I. Takeuchi (Director-General of NIBB)
Organizer : Y. Hotta (NIBB)
1. Y. Hotta (NIBB)
  Drosophila vis ual system-Introductory re marks.
2. I. Masai (University of Tokyo)
  Molecular cloning of two Drosophila diacylglycerol kinase homo logues , one of which encodes the gene product of retinal degeneration A (rdgA).
3. E. Suzuki (University of Tokyo)
  Morphological analysis of photoreceptive membrane turnover in Drosophila compound eyes with special referenc e to subrhabdomeric cisternae.
4. J. E. O' Tousa (University of Notre Dame)
  Molecular analysis of the Drosophila retinal degeneration genes rdgB and rdgC.
5. H. Okano (Osaka University)
  spike, a novel phototransduction mutant identified by P-element insertion mutagenes is.
6. Y. Nishida  (Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute)
  raf-mediated signal transduction pathways in Drosophila.
7. D. F. Ready (Purdue University)
  The role of cell birth and death in pattern formation in the developing Drosophila eye.
8. N. E. Baker (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  Neurogenesis in the Drosophila morphogenetic furrow.
9. S. Higashijima (University of Tokyo)
  Dual Bar homeobox genes are required in two photoreceptor cells, RI and R6, and two primary pigment cells for normal eye development.
10. D. Yamamoto (Mitsubishi Kasei Institute of Life Science)
  pokkuri, a Drosophila gene encoding an Ets domain protein, prevents overproduction, of the R7 photoreceptor.
11. B. Dickson (Zoologisches Institute der University Zuerich)
  Induction of the R7 cell fate in the developing eye of Drosophila melanogaster.
12. U. Banerjee (UCLA)
  Neurodevelopmental pathway for the R7-Son of sevenless and sevenless.
13. H. Steller (MIT)
  Pattern formation and neuronal cell recognition in the Drosophila visual system.
Concluding : Y. Hotta (NIBB)