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NIBBコンファレンス - 開催リスト

The 6th NIBB Conference "Mechanism of Formation of Mitotic Structure and Regulation of Cell Multiplication IV"

Organizers Haruo Kanatani
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Dec. 9-11, 1980
M. Kuwahara (Director-General of NIBB) : Opening Remarks
1. P. Guerrier (Station Biologique, Roscoff) : Control of meiosis reinitiation in amphibians (new data and questions).
2. G. Young (NIBB) : Some aspects of steroidogenesis in the ovarian follicle of amago salmon.
3. T. Schroeder (Friday Harbor Lab., Univ. of Washington) : The pathway and receptors for 1-methyladenine : evidence from an actin-mediated surface change in starfish oocytes.
4. T. Kishimoto (NIBB), M. Doree (Station Biologique, Roscoff) & H. Kanatani (NIBB): Maturation-promoting factor in starfish oocyte.
5. K. Sano (NIBB) : Effect of protease inhibitors on starfish oocyte maturation.
6. K. Dan (Biol. Dept., Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. and NIBB) : Unequal cleavage in molluscs : Spisula solidissima.
7. Y. Watanabe (Inst. of Biol. Sciences, Univ. of Tsukuba) : Studies on cell division in Tetrahymena.
8. K. Nishikawa (Dept. of Biochemistry, Kanazawa Med. Univ.) :Two different growth factors produced by tumor cells.
9. I. Yahara (Tokyo Metropolitan Inst. of Med. Science) : Comparison between 24 different cytochalasins; their effects on cellular structures, cellular events and actin polymerization.
10. T. Kato & H. Sato (Sugashima Marine Biol. Lab., Nagoya Univ.) : Reaction of cytoplasmic microtubules and dynein of sea urchin spermatozoa.
11. Y. Hamaguchi (Biol. Lab., Tokyo Inst. of Technology) & F. Iwasa (Dept. of Biol., Univ. of Tokyo) : Localisation of fluorescently labeled calmodulin in living sea urchin eggs during early development.
12. F. Iwasa & H. Mohri (Dept. of Biol., College of Gen. Education, Univ. of Tokyo) : Calmodulin-binding proteins in sea urchin egg. 
13. D. A. Begg (Dept. of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School) : Organization of actin in the sea urchin egg cortex.
14. T. Schroeder (Friday Harbor Lab., Univ. of Washington) : The origin of cleavage forces in dividing eggs.
15. Y. Shoji & Y. Hiramoto (Biol. Lab., Tokyo Inst. of Technology) : Localization of  the motive force of anaphase chromosome movement in sea urchin eggs.
16. K. lzutsu (Dept. of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Mie Univ.) : The role of spindle microtubules in chromosome movements.
17. M. Morisawa (Ocean Res. Inst., Univ. of Tokyo) & A. Steinhardt (Univ. of California Berkeley): Changes in intracellular pH of Physarum plasmodium during cell cycle.
18. A. Nagatani & M. Furuya (Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Tokyo) : Protein synthesis during the progression of cell cycle.
19. I. Yahara (Tokyo Metropolitan  Inst. of  Med. Science)  :  The cell cycle-dependent change of microtubule organization of lymphoma cells.
20. K. Yamamoto (Isotope Center, Nagoya Univ.), K. Yamazaki & Y. Kato (Mitsubishi-Kasei Inst. of Llfe Science) : Analysis of the cell cycle and condensation of chromatin during the early development of a newt embryo.
21. M. Yamada (Dept. of Physiol. Chem., Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science., Univ. of Tokyo) : Progession of mammalian cell cycle with a special reference to Hl histone phosphorylation.
K. Dan (Vice-Chairman of NIBB Council) : Closing Remarks.