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The 31st NIBB Conference "Japan-France Collaborative Workshop on Gene Manipulation in Aves"

Organizers Goro Eguchi
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Mar. 24-26, 1993

第31回基礎生物学研究所コンファレンスは鳥類における形質転換系の開発と確立をめざし、組織的な研究を展開しているわが国とフランスの研究者の共同ワークショップとして、標記課題の下に平成5年3月24日から26日にかけて開催された。 CNRS、などのフランス国立研究機関からの援助によって派遣された6名に加え14名のフランス研究者と48名の国内研究者が参加し、18題の研究発表のそれぞれについて深い論議が展開された。この会議を通じて、両国の関連研究の動向が相互に把握でき、具体的な日沸共同研究計画についても提案がなされ、きわめて有意義な会議となった。
Welcome address : I. Takeuchi (Director General. NIBB)
Opening remarks : V. M.  Nigon  (University  of  Lyon I)
1. G. Verdier  (University of Lyon I)
  The main types o retrovitral vectors which night be used  for  avian gene transfer.
2. G. Dambrine (Institut  National  de  la Recherche Agronmique)
  Use of avian retroviral vectors for gene transfer in chickens.
3. F. Flamant  (Ecole  Normale  Superieure de Lyon)
  Combination of DNA transfection and retroviral infection for a stable gene transfer into early avian embryonic cells.
4. M. Naito (National Institute of Animal Industry)
  Manipulation of single cell stage embryos and gene transfer.
5, K.  Agata  (Himeji Institute of Technology)
  Microinjection of DNA and retrovirus into single cell stage embryos.
6. T. Ono (Shinshu University)
  Evaluation of quail as a pilot study for the avian transgenesis.
7. K. Tanaka (Kyusyu University)
  Maniqulation of unfertilized eggs in the domestic fowl.
8. F. Dieterlen-Lievre (College de France)
  Viral oncogene cooperation in the early avian embryo.
9. T. Jaffredo (College de France)
  Integration and expression patterns of ALY-based retroviral vectors in embryos.
10. P. Thoraval (Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique)
  Production of chicken chimeras by transfer of early blastoderm cells.
11. K. Kino (Aichi-ken Agricultural Research Center)
  Production of chicken- chicken blastodernal chimeras using the stage VIII-IV embryos.
12. M. Watanabe (National Institute of Animal Industry)
  Quail-chick blastoderm chimera.
13. C. Diot (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique)
  Gene transfer into chicken hepatocytes in primary culture and HepGZ hepatoma cells : Ex vivo models to study lipid metabolism regulations.
14. J. Samarut (Ecole Normale Superieuere de Lyon)
  Control of gene expression and tissue morphogenesis by retinoic acid- and thyroid hormone-receptors during chicken embryo development.
15. S. Kato (Tokyo  Uniiversity)
  Control elements of the chicken ovalbumin gene
16. F-L. Cosset (University of Lyon I)
  Characterization of recombinant viruses arising in helper-free viral stocks.
17. C. Ronfort (University of Lyon I)
  Production of infections retroviral particles bearing ev RNA in the supernatant of a packaging cell line ; evidence of recombinations between retroviral vector  and ev genomes.
18, V. Marc Nigon (University of Lyon I)
  Risk evaluation in retroviral vector promoted gene transfer.
Concluding remarks : G. Eguchi (NIBB)