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NIBBコンファレンス - 開催リスト

The 12th NIBB Conference "Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Specialization in Development II : Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Differentiation in The Lens System"

Organizers Goro Eguchi
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Dec. 14-16, 1983
「発生における細胞特殊化の分子機構(その2) 」

Goro Eguchi (NIBB): Introduction
1. K. Watanabe (Fukui Medical School): "Oculopotency" is expressed in cultured pineal cells of the embryonic quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica.
2. Y. ltoh, Y. H. ltoh and G. Eguchi (Aichi Medical Univ. and NIBB): Establishment and c aracterization of the multipotent dedifferentiated state of chick embryo retinal pigment cells in vitro.
3. R. Kodama and G. Eguchi (NIBB): An attempt to analyze the expression of a lens specificity by different cell tvyopes usimg an anti-feather-keratin antibody as a probe for δ-crystallin.
4. A. A. Moscona and L. Degenstein (Univ. of Chiicago): Mechanisms controlling phenotype stability and lentoidal transsftormation in retinal glia cells.
5. I. Mikuni, M. Bando and H. Obazawa (Tokai Univ.): Rat lens epithelial cells in vitro.
6. A. Ikeda, N. Mishima, Y. Hayashi and S. Makino (Kawasaki Medical School and Aburahi Laboratories): Abnormalities of crystallins in the lens of the small eye and cataractous mutant mouse (gene symbol Cts).
7. N. Mishima and A. Ikeda (Kawasaki Medical School): lmmunochemical studies on the neuronal filament of chicken retina.
8. K. Sato and M. Fujishita (Science Univ. of Tokyo): γ-crystallin: A group of basic polypeptides conserved in aging lens.
9. I. Kabasawa (Ehime Univ.): Some properties on the human lens low molecular weight proteins with respect to the age related change and cataract formation.
10. S. Goto, N. Mori, T. Nakazawa, R. Takahashi, T. Ikeda and K. Anzai (Toho Univ.): Age-associated alterations in protein synthesis and degradation.
11. H. Okamoto, E. M. Hedgecock, J. N. Thomson and J. G. White (MRC, Cambridge): Monoclonal antibodies which distinguish a certain class of neuronal or supporting cells in the nervous tissue of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
12. S. C. Fujita and K. Obata (Gunma Univ.): An immunological approach to defining the neuronal specialization.
13. M. Obinata, H. Okajima, T. Tahara, A. Kuroiwa, S. Natori, F. Yamamoto, and M. Furusawa (Univ. of Tokyo and Osaka City Univ.):  Integration of thymidine kinase gene introduced into mouse Ltk cells by a new injection method.
14. Y. Suzuki, M. Tsuda, Y. Tsujimoto, S. Hirose, K. Tokunaga and S. Adachi (NIBB): Characterization of transcription signals of fibroin gene.
15. K. Yasuda, K. Okazaki, H. Kondoh, Y. Shimura and T. S. Okada (Kyoto Univ.): The organization and structure of α- and δ-crystallin genes in the chicken.
16. J. Piatigorsky, C. R. King, J. F. Hejtmancik, J. M. Nickerson, J. W. Hawkins and  T.  Borras (NIH): Crystallin gene expression in the developing lens.
17. S. P. Modak and J. K. Pal (Univ. of Poona): Lens cell differentiation: Cellular and molecular mechanisms.
18. H. Kondoh, S. Hayashi, K. Okazaki, K. Yasuda and T. S. Okada (Kyoto Univ.): Tissue-specific expression of chick crystallin genes in mouse cells.
19. R. M. Clayton, J-C. Jeanny, D. J. Bower, L. H. Errington and S. Morris (Univ. of Edinburgh and INSERM): δ-crystallin mRNA expression in non-lens tissues.
20. K. Agata, K. Yasuda and T. S. Okada (Kyoto Univ.): Northern blot analysis of δ-crystallin gene transcripts.
21. Y. Ueda and T. S. Okada (Kyoto Univ.): Expression of δ-crystallin genes in chick embryonic adenohypophysises.
22. S. Takagi, M. Haruguchi, K. Agata, M. Araki and T. S. Okada (Kyoto Univ. and Jichi Medical School): Transcription and translation of the chick δ-crystallin gene by cultured chick embryonic brain cells.
23. T. S. Okada, Y. Takahashi and H. Kondoh (Kyoto Univ.): Stable transformant of mouse teratocarcinoma cells with the chicken δ-crystallin genes as vehicles for studying gene expression.
Yoshiaki Suzuki (NIBB): Closing remarks