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NIBBコンファレンス - 開催リスト

The 26th NIBB Conference "Dynamic Aspects of The Cell Cycle - From Gene to Cytomechanodynamics -"

Organizers Yasuhiro Anraku
Venue National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki , 444-8585, Japan
Date Feb. 21-23, 1991

第26回基礎生物学研究所コンファレンス「 Dynamic Aspects of the Cell Cycle -From Gene to Cytomechanodynamics- 」は、平成3年2月21~23日に岡崎国立共同研究機構の職員会館2階会議室において開催された。参加者は、外国人招待講演者10名、日本人招待講演者15名、および一般参加者75名(うち外国人6名)であった。現代生物学のトピックスの一つである細胞周期の制御機構に関する25件の有意義な研究発表と活発な議論が3日間にわたり行われた。以下に挙げた、コンファレンス後の参加者からの手紙の抜粋などに見られるように、本コンファレンスは多くの参加者に好評であった。 ("Your meeting was excellent and very enjoyable" -Dr. Paul Nurse/Univ. of Oxford; "The science at the conference in Okazaki was first rate" -Dr. David Dru bin/Univ. of California, Berkeley).
Opening Remarks : I. Takeuchi (Director-General of NIBB)
Organizers : Y. Anraku (NIBB and Univ. Tokyo)
                       H. Iida (NIBB)
1. Anthony R. Means (Baylor College of Medicine)
  Regulatory role for calmodulin in cell proliferation
2. Yoshikazu Ohya (University of Tokyo)
  Essential function of yeast calmodulin in nuclear division
3. Hiroyoshi Hidaka (Nagoya University)
  Cell cycle specific expression of new Ca2+-binding proteins
4. David E. Levin (Johns Hopkins University)
  The role of the PKCJ gene in the S. cerevisiae cell cycle
5. Peter Baum (Immunex Corporation)
  Analysis of mutants altering regulation of spindle pole duplication in S. cerevisiae
6. Paul Nurse (University of Oxford)
  Eukaryotic cell cycle controls
7. Steven I. Reed (Research Institute of Scripps Clinic)
  Gl/S-phase control in yeast and human cells
8. Paul Russell (Research Institute of Scripps Clinic)
  Control of M-phase induction
9. Hiroto Okayama (Osaka University)
  G2 phase cell cycle control in ·mammalian cells
10. Hideyo Yasuda (Kanazawa University)
  Role of cdc2 kinase and cyclin proteins on the regulation of mammalian cell cycle
11. Masakane Yamashita (National Institute for Basic Biology)
  Maturation-promoting factor in fish : its purification and characterization
12. Mitsuhiro Yanagida (Kyoto University)
  Genes that control metaphase/anaphase transition
13. Rong Li (University of California, San Francisco)
  Feedback control of mitosis in budding yeast
14. Takeharu Nishimoto (Kyushu University)
  Function of RCCl gene
15. Noriyuki Sagata (Kurume University)
  Expression and function of the c-mos proto-oncogene product during oocyte maturation and fertilization
16. Peter Fantes (University of Edinburgh)
  Regulation of genes encoding subunits of ribonucleotide reductase in fission yeast
17. John R. Pringle (University of Michigan)
  Development of cell polarity during the yeast cell cycle
18. Yasuhiro Anraku (University of Tokyo and National Institute for Basic Biology)
  Essontial Ca2+-rogulatory procosses in bud organlzatlon : An approach from calcium genetics
19. Takashi Toda (Kyoto University)
  Protein kinases and transcription factors in fission yeast growth control
20. Eisuke Nishida (University of Tokyo)
  MAP kinase : Its activation and function in G0 /  G1 and M phases
21. David G. Drubin (University of California, Berkeley)
  Regulation of actin assembly during the S. cerevisiae cell cycle
22. Hidetoshi Iida (National Institute for Basic Biology)
  The role of Ca2+in the yeast mating process and cell cycle initiation
23. Akio Toh-e (University of Tokyo)
  IRA genes of yeast : Negative regulators of ras protein function
24. Kunihiro Matsumoto (Nagoya University)
  Role of GTP-binding proteins on the yeast cell cycle control at Gl phase
25. Masayuki Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)
  Signal transduction during sexual development in Schizosaccharomyces pombe