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2018. 07. 13 Researchers Develop Cryopreservation Method of Ladybird Beetle Ovaries

生きた組織の硬さを傷つけずに測る ~物理モデルと統計的推定の合わせ技~

2018. 04. 05 Measuring the hardness of living tissues without damage


2018. 03. 20 Illusory Motion Reproduced by Deep Neural Networks Trained for Prediction

植物細胞不易流行 ~変わらないものと新しいものの協調が細胞内交通網の進化を駆動する~

2018. 02. 20 Discovery of the mechanism of plant-specific control of the vacuole transport route


2018. 01. 09 The Origin of Flower Making Genes

コンドロイチン硫酸プロテオグリカンに対するプロタミンの中和作用の発見 〜髄鞘再生を促す薬剤開発のための細胞スクリーニング系の開発〜

2017. 12. 08 Protamine neutralizes CSPG-mediated inhibition of oligodendrocyte differentiation

長期記憶形成に必須な分子メカニズムを特定 ~タンパク質の設計図を神経樹状突起へ局在化させる因子が不可欠~

2017. 11. 21 Protein synthesis regulatory factor RNG105/caprin1 is essential for long-term memory formation

細胞の集団移動の方向性を決める仕組みの発見 ~ERK分子活性の細胞間伝搬とは逆方向に細胞が動く~

2017. 11. 07 Discovery of a mechanism for determining the direction of collective cell migration


2017. 10. 24 Efficient synthesis of a photosynthetic pigment in mammalian cells for Optogenetics


2017. 09. 20 Rolling dice for cell size specification in plant leaf epidermis


2017. 09. 14 Obese inducing brain mechanism


2017. 09. 06 Building a morphogen gradient by simple diffusion in a growing plant leaf


2017. 09. 04 Discovery of dynamic seasonal changes in color perception ~The small fish "medaka" shows large differences in color perception in summer and winter~


2017. 07. 17 Identification of PTPRZ as a drug target for cancer stem cells in glioblastoma


2017. 03. 07 Fluctuation in the concentration of calcium ions contributes to brain shape

アサガオの全ゲノム解読 〜アサガオの学術研究100年目のイノベーション〜

2016. 11. 08 Decoding the Genome of the Japanese Morning Glory

青色光受容体が光合成にブレーキをかけることを発見 〜青い光が光合成装置を守る〜

2016. 09. 15 A blue stoplight to prevent runaway photosynthesis


2016. 08. 10 Discovery of a unique subcellular structure determining the orientation of cell division


2015. 12. 24 How temperature determines sex in alligators


2015. 11. 06 Increasing production of seed oils

髄鞘再生に関わる分子機構の解明 〜神経回路の絶縁シートが回復する仕組み〜

2015. 09. 03 Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms involved in remyelination

「精子になるか、卵になるか」を決めるしくみの発見 〜生殖細胞で働く性のスイッチ遺伝子を同定〜

2015. 06. 12 "To be sperm, or not to be sperm?" -Discovery of the genetic switch that determines Germ Cell fate-


2015. 04. 28 Mechanisms for Continually Producing Sperm

食虫植物サラセニアの小動物を食べる葉ができる仕組みの発見 〜細胞の変化が著しい形の変化を引き起こす〜

2015. 03. 16 Development of a carnivorous pitcher leaf


2015. 03. 06 Mutation in APC2 Gene Causes Sotos Features


2014. 11. 18 How Fallopian Tubes Carry Eggs Unidirectionally


2014. 10. 10 The Yellow "Phantom Morning Glory"


2014. 09. 19 Shoot-derived cytokinins systemically regulate root nodulation

花の色素合成に関わり、花の色を濃くする新しいタンパク質を発見 〜新しい価値を持った花や果実の品種改良につながる可能性〜

2014. 03. 14 Discovery of a new protein involved in increasing the synthesis of vivid flower colors

オジギソウの遺伝子操作に成功 〜植物の運動の仕組み解明への鍵技術の開発〜

2014. 02. 13 Development of an Agrobacterium-Mediated Stable Transformation Method for the Sensitive Plant Mimosa pudica


2013. 12. 25 Oxidized Peroxisomes are Selectively Degraded by Autophagy


2013. 12. 19 DNA Methylation and Methyl-Binding Proteins Control Differential Gene Expression in Distinct Cortical Areas of Macaque Monkey


2013. 12. 12 Bmp7 and Lef1 are the downstream effectors of androgen signaling in androgen-induced sex characteristics development in medaka


2013. 12. 09 Biological motion stimuli are attractive to medaka fish


2013. 07. 26 Pattern Dynamics in Adaxial-Abaxial Specific Gene Expression Are Modulated by a Plastid Retrograde Signal during Arabidopsis thaliana Leaf Development

マウス初期胚におけるダイナミックかつ左右非対称なカルシウムシグナルを発見 ~左右非対称決定のメカニズム解明への手がかりに~

2013. 02. 18 Asymmetric distribution of dynamic calcium signals in the node of mouse embryo during left-right axis formation

髄鞘形成の制御機構の解明 〜脱髄疾患の治療薬開発に向けた新たな標的分子の発見〜

2012. 11. 08 Elucidation of the Mechanisms Regulating Myelination ~Discovery of a new target molecule for the development of therapeutic agents for demyelinating diseases~


2012. 05. 28 Hyperproliferation of mitotically active germ cells due to defective anti-Müllerian hormone signaling mediates sex reversal in medaka


2012. 05. 09 Directional Neuronal Migration Is Impaired in Mice Lacking Adenomatous Polyposis Coli 2


2012. 01. 13 The vertebrate sex-determination system varies by animal

メダカは生物学的1/fゆらぎを利用してミジンコを捕らえる! ~捕食者と被食者の関係性を数理モデルとして定式化することに成功~

2012. 01. 11 Medaka catch Daphnia using biologic 1/ƒ noise! ~Success in formulizing a mathematical model for predator and prey relationships~


2011. 07. 15 Osmotic sensitivity of the TRPV1 channel found to be synergistically increased by stimuli such as temperature and acidity


2011. 07. 08 Discovery of the gene that determines the sex of germ cells


2011. 06. 18 Discovery of a novel plant-specific factor involved in peroxisomal protein transport

シダゲノムの解読 ~陸上植物遺伝子の予想外の多様性を発見:遺伝子資源として有用~

2011. 05. 06 Success of the Selaginella genome sequencing project


2011. 03. 28 An ancestral link between genetic and environmental sex determination


2010. 11. 24 Discovery of a gene that simultaneously controls root nodule number and plant shoot development in legumes


2010. 09. 22 Local protein synthesis in dendrites is indispensable to neural network formation.


2010. 08. 23 The National Institute for Basic Biology and Singapore's Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory have entered into an international cooperation agreement


2010. 07. 22 Elucidating the system by which Irises and Leeks produce unifacial leaves

極小ペプチドによる発生制御のしくみを発見 <br>~最も小さな遺伝子の驚くべき役割~

2010. 07. 16 Discovery of an ontogenetic development system controlled by miniscule peptides ~The astonishing role of the smallest genes~

原因不明だった高ナトリウム血症の発症機構を解明 <br>~脳の体液Naレベルセンサーに対する抗体が産生される自己免疫疾患だった~

2010. 05. 27 Discovery of a previously unknown cause of hypernatremia ~An autoimmune disorder that attacks the brainfs sodium sensing system~

成体メダカの卵巣で卵を継続的につくり出す幹細胞のゆりかごを発見 <br />~魚類の高い繁殖能力の基盤も明らかに~

2010. 05. 21 Discovery of stem cells that allow adult Medaka to continually produce eggs ~Clarifying the foundation of the high fecundity of fish~


2010. 03. 23 Discovery of an intracellular actin accumulation system necessary for neurulation

多く、長く、精子を作り続ける秘訣 <br>~ほ乳類精子形成における新しい分化モデル~

2010. 03. 19 The secret to producing large numbers of sperm for an extended time ~A new model for mammalian spermatogenesis~