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EMBO | COB Workshop "Trans-Scale Biology using exotic non-model organisms"

Organizers 重信 秀治(基礎生物学研究所)
Annika Guse (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, DE)
Venue 愛知県岡崎市・岡埼コンファレンスセンター
Date July 25 – 27, 2023
Link Official Website (https://meetings.embo.org/event/23-trans-scale-bio)
Poster EMBO | COB Workshop
Recent technical innovations such as genome editing, next-generation sequencing, single-cell omics, modern imaging technologies are transforming today’s biology. The new technologies allow us to study ANY organisms at ANY levels from molecular to a group of individuals, which has been especially difficult for exotic non-model organisms until recently. Such exotic organisms facilitate exciting new questions that can be asked for the first time, or facilitate unprecedented ability to explore long-standing fundamental questions in life sciences. Also, these new technologies promote our understanding of the organisms of interest at a wide range of scales from molecular, cellular, organ, individual even to interactions between species (e.g. symbiosis and sociality), which we term "Trans-Scale Biology"

Nevertheless, establishing new models is still a big challenge. In this EMBO | Company of Biologists Workshop, we invite researchers who are pioneering new biology using exotic non-model organisms. While some issues such as breeding methods are specific to each model system, many issues including the development of genome editing and imaging protocol, genomic resources are common problems. We hope researchers can exchange useful information across the species and disciplines.

This EMBO | Company of Biologists Workshop will be held in Okazaki, Japan on the initiative of National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB). Since NIBB is the institute serving as a center of excellence in cooperation with other universities and research organizations in Japan, we aim to nurture the scientific community of Japanese and European scientists by leveraging the framework of the EMBO|Company of Biologists Workshop.