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NIBB accepting research intern students

The National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) conducts a research internship program for undergraduate and graduate students.

NIBB promotes biological sciences by conducting first-rate research to uncover the basic principles common to all life and their diversity. The students at SOKENDAI (the Graduate University for Advanced Studies) receive advanced training at NIBB while doing important research in an excellent research environment. This internship program is an excellent opportunity to experience ongoing research projects in NIBB and education program at SOKENDAI.

Each intern will join ongoing research projects in a world-class research group. Interns can also participate in various academic activities, journal clubs, and seminars by outstanding researchers inside and outside of NIBB. The NIBB Internship Program is a good opportunity to experience a part of our Ph.D. program for those who are considering entering the Ph.D. course at SOKENDAI.

Furthermore, NIBB provides a round international airfare, and transportation fee incurred in Japan, and accommodation costs at the lodge. NIBB do not provide the daily allowances for staying, so you need to prepare for it. Please note that in some cases full reimbursement may not be available due to budget considerations.

Applications for NIBB Internship Program 2024 are now open, and will close by 27th May, 2024. For application details, including information about the 2024 Internship Program, please click on the following link.