Francoaceae フランコア科・Geraniales フウロソウ目

チリの固有科。Endemic family in Chile.

フランコア科の共有派生形質は Synapomorphy of the Francoaceae

1. Short stigma 柱頭は丸く平ら
2. Outer surface of gynoecium is in white 雌蕊外面が白い

大きな蜜腺は雄蕊が大きくなったあとで発生すること、茎の維管束とつながらない師管だけができることから、雄蕊が変化した仮雄蕊ではなく、新たな別な器官であると考えられる(Ronse Decraene and Smets. 1999)。Large nectaries develop after the growth of stamens and only phloem tissue not connected to stem vasculature is formed. These suggest that these structures are not modified stamen, staminodes, but new organs (Ronse Decraene and Smets. 1999).

心皮の表面が白い理由は不明。The reason why Francoa has white ovary surface is unknown.

Ronse Decraene, L.P. and Smets, E.F. 1999. Similarities in floral ontogeny and anatomy between the genera Francoa (Francoaceae) and Greyia (Greyiaceae). Int. J. Plant Sci. 160: 377-393.

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