Drosophyllum ドロソフィルム属

本ページ作成にあたり、自生地を案内いただいたJesus Vincente Carbajosa博士、Joaquin Medina博士に心より感謝申し上げます。

ドロソフィルム属は単系属でDrosophyllum lusitanicum1種のみが知られている。

I appreciate Drs. Jesus Vincente Carbajosa and Joaquin Medina for their kindness to take me to the locality of Drosophyllum.

The genus Drosophyllum is monotypic and is composed of Drosophyllum lusitanicum distributed in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

シダ類、種子植物ともに葉形成時に先端が巻くときは向軸側に巻く。モウセンゴケ属やハエトリソウ属も若い葉は向軸側に巻く。しかし、ドロソフィルムでは背軸側に巻く。どうしてなのだろうか。葉の道管と師管の配向は通常の植物と変わらないので(Lloyd 1942)、葉の背腹性は変わっていないかもしれない。しかし、近縁のモウセンゴケ属では繊毛(モウセンゴケ属の場合は動くので触毛と呼ぶ)は葉の向軸側に形成されるが、ドロソフィルムでは主に背軸側に形成され、もしかすると向背軸が変化しているかもしれないので、向背軸決定に関わる遺伝子の発現様式を調べると良いかもしれない。

Young leaves are adaxially circinate in ferns and some flowering plants including Drosera and Dionaea, both of which are carnivorous plants in the same clade as Drosophyllum in Caryophyllales. However circination of Drosophyllum lusitanicum is abaxial, which is not observed in other plants. The adaxial and abaxial orientations of a leaf appears to be the same as other plants based on the xylem and phloem orientations (Lloyd 1942 1942). However, it will be worth to examine the expression patterns of adaxial and abaxial genes at the early leaf development, since glandular appendages are mainly formed on the abaxial side, which is opposite in Drosera, in which glandular appendages (tentacles) are formed on the adaxial side.

Lloyd, F.E. 1942. The Carnivorous Plants. Chronica Botanica Co.

There are three types of glandular appendages without movement ability. Large and intermediate appendages have vessels, tracheids, and sieve tubes but small appendages do not (Green et al. 1979). Glandular appendages of Drosera also form vessels but homology between appendages of the two genera is unknown.

大きな突起体と中くらいの突起体の柄には道管、仮導管、師管があり、葉の維管束とつながっているが、小さな突起体には無い(Green et al. 1979)。モウセンゴケ属の触毛の中には道管だけが形成される。ドロソフィルム属とモウセンゴケ属の粘液を出す突起体の相同性は不明である。

Green, S., Green, T.L., and Heslop-Harrison, Y. 1979. Seasonal heterophylly and leaf gland features in Triphyophyllum (Dioncophyllaceae) a new carnivorous plant genus. Bot J Linn Soc. 78, 99-116.

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