Diplophylly in Caltha-2 リュウキンカ属の重複葉-2

チリ南部、ナバリノ島のCaltha dionaeifoliaの自生地。湿地に群生する。

A locality of Caltha dionaeifolia in the Navarino island, Chile.

Caltha dionaeifoliaは地下茎が枝分かれし、クッション植物のように塊になって育つ。

Caltha dionaeifolia forms large colonies like a cushion plant.Caltha dionaeifoliaCaltha dionaeifolia

チリのノバリノ島では、Caltha sagittataは低地、C. appendiculataは400 mから800 m位、C. dionaeifoliaは800 m以上の山に自生する。

Caltha sagittata, C. appendiculata, and C. dionaeifolia form a clade (Schuettpelz and Hoot 2004) and are distributed in low land, between around 1000 and 500 m, and around 1000 m, respectively in Navarino island. What is the function of the appendages?

Schuettpelz, E. and Hoot, S.B. 2004. Phylogeny and biogeography of Caltha (Ranunculaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences. Amer. J. Bot. 91: 247-253.

Caltha dionaeifolia

Caltha appendiculataCaltha dionaeifoliaの気孔は葉身の向軸側と突起の葉身側に形成される。Goebel (1891)とHill (1918)は気孔のある部分が水で被われないように突起が形成されるのではないかと推定したが、実際に野外で水をかけると突起と葉身の間に水が入って気孔は水没してしまう。

Since stomata of Caltha appendiculata and Caltha dionaeifolia are formed on the adaxial side of leaves, Goebel (1891) and Hill (1918) interpreted that these appendages function to prevent stomata sunk in water. However, when water is added to the leaves, water just accumulates in the concaved adaxial surface covering stomata and water is not removed.

Goebel, K. 1891. Pflanzenbiologische Schilderungen, vol. 2. N. G. Elwert, Marburg, Germany.

Hill, A.W. 1918. The genus Caltha in the Southern Hemisphere. Ann. Bot. 32: 421-435.


At the alpine, subalpine, subarctic, and arctic areas with strong winds, plants become cushion-like.


Cushion plants often form concave leaves.


In Navaro island in the sub Antarctic area, localities of cushion plants are often covered with snow even in summer.


When snow is removed, by hands, we can see that snow does not touch the leaf surface because of the concave structure and air space is kept around leaves.


Snow accumulates without touching the leaf surface.Caltha dionaeifoliaCaltha dionaeifolia

Caltha dionaeifoliaの上に雪を載せてみた。

Caltha dionaeifolia are overlaid with snow.Caltha dionaeifolia


When overlaid snow is removed, snow does not enter into the space between the lamina and appendage, indicating that appendage function to prevent snow attached to leaf surface rather than water.

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