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International Academic Exchange Programs

The National Institute of Basic Biology with the goal of stimulating international Collaboration in the field of biology forms cooperates with research institutes from around the world, exchanges researchers, and holds various academic symposia.

Academic exchange with EMBL

European Molecular Biology Laboratory(EMBL)is a research institute established in 1974 and funded by 18 European states. EMBL consists of over 80 research groups conducting comprehensive, high-level research programs, and leading the world in the various fields of molecular biology. NIBB has exchanged researchers and undertaken collaborative research with EMBL since 2005.

Academic exchange with MPIPZ

In April of 2009 NIBB entered into an Academic Exchange Agreement for the promotion of plant science research with Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPIPZ). The agreement has lead to joint symposia and researcher exchanges.

Academic exchange with TLL

NIBB joined with the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL) in an international academic cooperation agreement starting from 16 August 2010. This academic cooperation includes the promotion of joint research activities, hosting of practical courses, and graduate student exchange.

Academic exchange with Princeton University

In March 2010 the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) entered into an Academic exchange agreement with Princeton University. Researchers from NIBB and Princeton interested in collaborative research have begun building networks for that purpose.

International Collaborative Research Results

NIBB undertakes collaborative research with researchers from countries around the world. The results of that research are accessible through the following link.

NIBB Conference

The NIBB Conferences are international meetings organized by professors and associate professors within NIBB and held with invited speakers from overseas. The NIBB Conference has been held since the opening of the Institute in 1977, and has become well known as a forum of international exchange.

Okazaki Biology Conferences

On the recommendation of the union of Japanese societies of biological science NIBB holds Okazaki Biology Conferences (OBC). The conferences address new problems in the biological sciences and facilitate the development of future areas of research, as well as providing opportunities to create new international networks of scientists.

NIBB International Practical Course

The NIBB International Practical Courses provide hands on training to young scientists under the tutelage of Japanese and overseas professors.

Headline News

2016. 05. 18

Call for Applications to join The 9th NIBB International Practical Course and The 4th NIBB-TLL Joint International Practical Course "Genetics and Imaging of Medaka and Zebrafish"

2015. 12. 10

Call for posters as well as participants for the 64th NIBB Conference "Evolution of Seasonal Timers"

2015. 08. 25

Call for posters as well as participants for the 63rd NIBB Conference "Environment to Bioresponse"

2015. 05. 1

Visiting professor Takashi Yoshimura has started an international collaborative research project with the University of Manchester - the University of Edinburgh - and the University of Tromso

2014. 07. 11

Call for posters as well as participants for the 62nd NIBB Conference "Force in Development"

2013. 04. 10

Call for posters as well as participants for the 61st NIBB Conference “Cellular Community in Mammalian Embryogenesis”

2012. 12. 14

Call for posters as well as participants for the 10th NIBB-EMBL Symposium "Quantitative Bioimaging"

2012. 08. 28

Registration for the 4th NIBB-MPIPZ-TLL Symposium“Arabidopsis and Emerging Model Systems”

2012. 05. 16

The NUS/TLL/NIBB joint practical workshop on "Genetics, Genomics and Imaging in Medaka & Zebrafish" will be held in Singapore.

2012. 05. 8

Call for poster presenters for the 9th Okazaki Biology Conference “Marine Biology Ⅱ”

2012. 04. 3

Registration for The 58th/60th NIBB Conference ‘Germline –Specification, Sex, and Stem Cells–’

2012. 01. 16

Registration for The 59th NIBB conference "Neocortical Organization"

2011. 12. 28

Call for active participants for the 8th Okazaki Biology Conference “Speciation and Adaptation II”- Environment and Epigenetics - (Application has been closed.)

2011. 07. 21

Registration for the 1st NIBB - Princeton Symposium ‘Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Beyond’

2011. 07. 4

Call for participants interested in the 6th NIBB International Practical Course and the 1st NIBB - TLL Joint International Practical Course "Developmental Genetics of Medaka IV"