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Academic exchange with EMBL

about_embl.jpg The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is a research institute funded by 18 European states and established in 1974. It conducts comprehensive, high-level basic research programs, leading the world in the field of molecular biology. NIBB takes the leading role in collaborative research programs between EMBL and the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS), which were launched in 2005, and promotes personal and technological exchange through symposia, exchange between researchers and graduate students, and introduction of experimental equipment.

embl-about-b-pic.gif Dr. Mattaj, Director General of EMBL and Dr. Shimura, President of NINS at Signing Ceremony


Shimura/Mattaj Award (Support for travel expenses for visiting EMBL)

The program provides NIBB researchers participating in the conference or the training course at EMBL and working on collaborative research at EMBL with travel and living expenses. The program also supports expenses incurred during their stay in Europe for NIBB researchers who are visiting EMBL. This program, the Shimura Award, is named after Dr. Shimura, President of NINS. The Mattaji Award is the same support program, the name is used due to receiving support from Dr. Mattaj, Director General of EMBL.