Other lendable items

Hololight (simple monochromatic light source)

A compact monochromatic light irradiation device for LEDs in the 10-wavelength range. Diffuses and collects light with a lens. With strength adjustment device. (Please contact us for other details.)
Instruction (only Japanese)

LED light source for plants(white+red)

White and red LED lamps are arranged alternately on a 15 cm square plate. The wavelength of white is 430-780nm and the wavelength of red is 660nm. There are 2 sets, 2 lighting units and 1 power box.

Light analyzer

The number of photons for each wavelength can be measured.
You can measure not only illuminance but also various items such as PPFD(Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) and irradiance.
You can analyze light in various display modes such as spectral mode and PPFD mode.
The optical part and the main body can be  detached and measured.
You can save data on the SD card.
You can easily manage data by connecting the PC to the main unit with USB and using the dedicated software.
 LinkIconinstructions (only Japanese) LinkIconsoftware instructions (only Japanese)

Digital temperature data logger

You can save the recorded temperature data in CSV format on the PC by connecting the USB communication cable to the main unit and the PC.
By connecting an external temperature sensor, you can record the temperature of 2 channels of the internal temperature sensor and the external temperature sensor.
・Internal temperature sensor measuring range: 0.0~60.0℃/Diplay range: -20.0~70.0℃
・External temperature sensor measuring range:-40.0~90.0℃/Display range: -50.0~99.9℃
The data recording interval can be set from 1 minute to 12 hours in 1 minute increments.
※It will be rented with the battery removed, so you need to set the date and time each time you use it.

 Product code: AD-5326TT  A&D Official site  

Sample constant temperature transport bag

It is a set of heat storage material and a dedicated heat insulation bag.
There are two sizes of bag, large and small, and heat storage materials for 15 ℃, 20 ℃, 25 ℃ and 36 ℃*. The temperature inside can be monitored by inserting a sensor thermometer.
*For 36℃, it is not a dedicated bag because it is a different manufacturer.
◆Transport bag details


 Small: outside size 520x320x375(mm), luggage compartment volume 3.3 L, product number: TACPack1525FS, requires 4 heat storage materials.
 Big: outside size 480x450x520(mm), luggage compartment volume 7.7 L, product number: TACPack1525FH, requires 8 heat storage materials.

◆Heat storage material details
<For 15, 20, 25℃>
 Product name: Kaneka latent heat storage material 
 Product code: F15-1000HD (15℃), F20-1000HD (20℃), F25-1000D (25℃), Tamai Kasei Corporation
<For 36℃>
 Product name: iP-TEC latent heat storage material-36
 Product code: 28454 Sanplateccorp. Official site
 ※Since this does not support exclusive bags, it is supposed to be transported in a short time such as on-site transportation.

Power meter

There are two types of photodiode sensor (for 200-1100nm and 700-1800nm) and thermal sensor. Use by connecting the sensor and the display.
◆Photodiode sensor (200-1100nm)
 Ophir, product number:  PD300-UV
◆Photodiode sensor (700-1800nm)
 Ophir, product number:  PD300-IR
PD300-UV・PD300-IR details (Only Japanese)
◆Thermal sensor (There are two here.)
 Ophir, product number:  7Z02637
details (Only Japanese)
◆Display(There are two here.)
 Ophir, product number:  7Z01560
details (Only Japanese)

External hard disk

It can be used to export microscope data.
①~⑤ Sony USB3.0 (16GB)
⑥ Transcend USB2.0 (16GB)
⑦ Transcend USB2.0 (1GB)
⑧ Transcend USB2.0 (2GB)
⑨・⑩ Seagate Expansion HDD (2TB)
⑪ SanDisk Extreme 500 portable SSD (1TB)
⑫・⑬ SanDisk Extreme 900 portable SSD (960GB)
⑭ SanDisk Extreme 900 portable SSD (1.92TB)
⑮~⑳ SanDisk Extreme PRO 900 portable SSD (1TB)
Please inquire for rental.