How to use:For Researchers of NIBB, NIPS, IMS, ExCELLS

Request for Publication and Acknowledgement
・We request that you publish the work using our facility in the form of a peer-reviewed paper as soon as possible.
・All works published that include results obtained using the SBI equipment must be acknowledged and a copy of the publication should be sent as paper or pdf to the facility. 
・The examples of acknowledgement are here 

Please click the equipment you want to use.
 Okazaki Large Spectrograph
 Behavior analyzer

How to use Okazaki Large Spectrograph

The applications are submitted from November to early December of the previous fiscal year. In addtion, you can apply at any time during the year until the end of October, however it takes two months from application to approval.
e. g. : Application: Dec. 1, 2019, Approval: Feb., 2020, Experiment execution: April 1, 2020~Mar 31, 2021

About the NIBB Collaborative Research (Link to NIBB)
The flow of application and use is as follows.

1. Prior consultation

Please consult with SBI staff about your experiment in advance.

2. Web application

Please go from  NOUS system

3. Acceptance notification

We will review your application and notify you of the results.

4. Machine Reservation

Regular Reservation
We will ask for your preferred schedule by e-mail and coordinate your schedule to include other research group. Regulerly we will send you the e-mail around February for April-September use and around August for October-next March use. Please reply with your request.
Additional Reservation
If there is free machine time after regular machine reservation, you can make a reservation additonaly. Pleaser check the following calender and contact us.
OLS reservation calender (Browse only) Google calendar

5. Experiment execution


6. Report submission

Please submit your experiment report by the end of April of the following year on the NOUS system.
The report will be posted on the NIBB website.


E-mail: ols [at]
person in charge:KONDO, Maki

How to use the microscopes and the other imaging tools

New user
1.  Microscope Guidance

Please read the rules for use of SBI microscope.

2. User registration

Please answer all questions from the following website and submit.  We will register you as a SBI user after that.

Click here to apply.


3. Machine Reservation system registration

Please register the online microscope reservation system.
Please set your ID and password by yourselves on the system. (If you forget your password, please register again.)


Please answer all questions from the following website and submit.

Click here to apply.

Equipment reservation

Please use the online microscope reservation system.


E-mail:img [at]
Person in charge:SAIDA, Misako

How to use Behavior analyzer

Before using it, please contact Spectrography and Bioimaging Facility in advance and submit the following application for use.
Behavior analyzer application for use(only Japanese)
Google calendar

E-mail:koudou [at]
Person in charge:Sakamoto, Joe