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'International Fascination of Plants Day' Event: Live broadcast of Physcomitrella patens Regeneration

Physcomitrella patens is a moss widely distributed throughout Europe and North America that is used in experiments as a model organism in laboratories throughout the world. It has unusually high rates of regeneration that allow it to regenerate even if its leaves have been shredded if it has access to water. This is possible because of its ability to convert leaf cells into stem cells which can then regenerate the damaged tissue. As one of the events of ‘International Fascination of Plants Day’ we are broadcasting a feed of Physcomitrella patens leaf regeneration live via the internet from the labs of the National Institute for Basic Biology. During the experiment you can watch as leaves that were cut on Monday send out long protonema and begin to regenerate (It takes 2~3 days for protenoma to extend so watching patiently is recommended).


Live broadcast by Ustream



For a time-lapse video of Physcomitrella patens leaf regeneration please see

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