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Emeritus Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi receives the 28th Kyoto Prize

Yoshinori Ohsumi, Emeritus Professor of the National Institute for Basic Biology and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, has been awarded the 28th Kyoto Prize.


Professor Ohsumi has driven  the progress of cytogenetic research through using yeast to study autophagy, the system by which cells initiate intercellular proteolysis to adapt to various circumstances, such as their environment. He is highly esteemed as a world leader for his research results and contributions to elucidating the physiological significance of the diverse molecular mechanisms involved in this system.


From 1996 to 2009 Professor Ohsumi propelled our knowledge of autophagy as head of NIBB’s Division of Molecular Cell Biology. Today he is continuing his research and educational activities as a Specially Appointed Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Frontier Research Center.



Professor Ohsumi in his laboratory at the National Institute for Basic Biology (2009)