Electron Microscopy

Imaging using advanced electron microscopy, ranging from the visualization of ultrastructures of tissues and cells to analysis of the structural arrangement of proteins, has become an essential technology in life science research. In recent years, in addition to ultra–high voltage electron microscopy, advanced electron microscopy techniques such as phase contrast electron microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy have been developed and applied to the field of life science. Triggered by the development of three-dimensional scanning electron microscopy, an emerging research field called “Connectomics” has developed rapidly in the United States. Japan has continued to be the world leader in technologies related to freeze-fracture replica immunogold labeling. However, this approach requires very sophisticated training, as well as a long period of time to master the operations of the apparatus and use it to make observations. In addition, the required apparatus is expensive. In the area of advanced electron microscopy, we provide support for observation of structural arrangements of biopolymer complexes, observation of three-dimensional microscopic structures of tissues and cells, and analysis of the localization of biological functions using various types of immunoelectron microscopy. We also provide technical guidance for all stages of the analytical process, from specimen preparation to observation.