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NIBB (Myodaiji area)

photo-pic1.jpgHome of the headquarters of the National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) and many of the various laboratories and facilities associated with NIBB, this campus also houses the Okazaki Large Spectrograph (OLS), the Plant Culture Laboratory and the Okazaki Research Facilities’ Aquarium. 

NIBB (Yamate area)

photo-pic2.jpgHousing the labs of NIBB, NIPS, IMS, and the Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience, the Yamate campus of NIBB provides an atmosphere of open dialogue and is a leader in promoting the free exchange of ideas in the research community.

The Okazaki Large Spectrograph

photo-pic3.jpgThe Okazaki Large Spectrograph (OLS) is the largest spectrograph in the world. The spectrograph dedicated to action spectroscopical studies of various light-controlled biological processes. The spectrograph runs on a 30kW Xenon arc lamp and has a compound grating composed of 36 smaller individual gratings. It projects a spectrum of a wavelength range from 250nm (ultraviolet) to 1,000nm (infrared) onto its focal curve of 10m in length. The fluence rate (intensity) of the monochromatic light at each wavelength is more than twice as much as that of the corresponding monochromatic component of tropical sunlight at noon (Watanabe et al., Photochem. Photobiol. 36, 491-498, 1982). 

Plant Culture Laboratory

photo-pic4.jpgThis laboratory contains a large number of culture boxes and a limited number of rooms with environmental control for plant culture. In some of these facilities and rooms, experiments can be carried out at the P1 physical containment level under extraordinary environments such as strong light intensity, low or high temperatures, etc.


photo-pic5.jpgThis installation provides breeding facilities for many species of both freshwater and saltwater aquatic flora and fauna.

Okazaki Conference Center

photo-pic6.jpgWith a 250 seat Large Conference Room, a 150 seat Medium Conference Room and two 50 seat Small Conference Rooms the OCC functions as the main assembly hall for researchers in Okazaki. 

Okazaki Conference Center :conference room



photo-pic8.jpgWith access to countless online journals and academic reports the Okazaki Research Facilities’ Library is available 24 hours a day for library card holders.

Mishima Lodge (Institute Guest House)

photo-pic9.jpgMishima Lodge provides short and medium term housing for researchers and students at NIBB.

On-site Child Care Center (Sakura Nursery School)

photo-pic10.jpgEstablished in 2006 for the support of researchers raising children, Sakura Nursery School operates from 8:00am to 7:00pm (doors close at 8:00pm) for both daily and periodic child care services. Sakura Nursery School accepts children from 57 days after birth through to entering elementary school.