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Message From the Director-general

yamamoto.jpg "Welcome to the world of basic biology"
Masayuki Yamamoto, Director General of the National Institute for Basic Biology.

Among the innumerable celestial bodies in our universe, the earth appears unique in that it is filled with a variety of living organisms. Over the course of 4 billion years of evolution, animals and plants have acquired diverse forms as well as astonishing abilities and continue to survive on this remarkable planet through the propagation of their offspring. Living organisms are believed to have evolved by increasing the genetic information inherited from their ancestors and by changing the functions of those genes. We believe increased knowledge of the intricate processes of life and the adaptation mechanisms of living organisms will lead to solutions to many of the problems facing us, such as our planet’s worsening environment.
  To understand the survival strategies of organisms we study the basic principles common to all creatures, and the mechanisms that enable diversity and allow life to adapt to changing environments, by using model organisms in collaboration with worldwide researchers. In order to grow high quality experimental organisms and to enable state of the art data analyses we maintain the“ NIBB Bioresource Center” and the“ NIBB Core Research Facilities”, and work to continually improve our collaborative facilities. Also, in order to prevent the loss of important biological resources during natural disasters, we began operations as the core center of the “Inter-university Bio-Backup Project”. As an inter-university research institute NIBB supports the progress of diverse fields of biological research in collaboration with universities and institutes throughout the world.