Public Cooperation

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Open House

coop-pic1.jpgNIBB holds an open house once every three years. During the event exhibits detailing the research done at NIBB as well as the plants and animals used are showcased. In addition, guests can listen to lectures and take part in hands-on experiments.

The “Okazaki” magazine

okazaki.jpgThe research activities of the three NINS institutes in Okazaki (NIBB, NIPS, and IMS) are published in the Okazaki Magazine, introducing and explaining them to the public.

National Institutes of Natural Sciences Symposium

coop-pic3.jpgSymposiums designed for the public are held in Tokyo twice a year.

Lectures for students

coop-pic4.jpgNIBB supports the education of the next generation of scientist by working with the local Okazaki Board of Education and arranging classes at elementary and  Junior High Schools, and high Schools.

Seminars for school teachers

coop-pic5.jpgThree times each year NIBB holds seminars aimed at local elementary and Junior High School science educators detailing the current state of the research environment. The seminars began in 1985 as an outreach project with the South Okazaki Rotary Club. In cooperation with the Okazaki Board of Education each of the three Okazaki Research Institutes takes it in turn to manage a seminar.