Jakub Wudarski特任助教、出前授業 岡崎北高等学校
Dr. Jakub Wudarski, Delivery Science Class in High School2022/03/04

 3月4日にJakub Wudarski特任助教が、県立岡崎北高等学校にて出前授業を行いました。
 On March 4, Dr. Jakub Wudarski, a specially appointed assistant professor, gave onsite lectures to the students of Okazaki-Kita High School. 
 In the first two classes, the lecture was held for the science course students. It was about his country, Poland, career, and mainly his research. The students said that there were full of new things and it was so stimulating for them.
 Then he gave a talk to the students in the English club as an after-school activity. It mainly talked about Poland. Not only events, food, and so on, but the topic of history as well, which led to an understanding of the conflict currently occurring in the surrounding countries.






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