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Organization of the National Institute for Basic Biology

Goals of the National Institute for Basic Biology

Personnel Changes and Awardees January 2019 to March 2020

Selected Press Releases from NIBB

Cell Biology

Division of Cellular Dynamics

Division of Quantitative Biology

Division of Chromatin Regulation

Laboratory of Neuronal Cell Biology

Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology

Laboratory of Organelle Regulation

Developmental Biology

Division of Morphogenesis

Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology

Division of Embryology

Division of Germ Cell Biology

Labotratory of Regeneration Biology


Division of Molecular Neurobiology

Laboratory of Neurophysiology

Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity

Division of Evolutionary Biology

Division of Symbiotic Systems

Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics

Labotatory of Bioresources

Laboratory of Morphodiversity

Laboratory of Biological Diversity

Environmental Biology

Division of Environmental Photobiology

Division of Plant Environmental Responses

Theoretical Biology

Laboratory of Genome Informatics

Imaging Science

Laboratory for Spatiotemporal Regulations

Laboratory for Biothermology

NINS ExCELLS (Orion Project)

Laboratory of Nuclear Dynamics

NINS ExCELLS (Bio-Next Project)

Laboratory of Plant Development and Physiology

Research Support

NIBB Core Research Facilities

NIBB BioResource Center

National Bio-Resource Projects

NIBB Center for the Interuniversity Bio-Backup Project

Center for the Development of New Model Organisms

Center for Radioisotope Facilities (Okazaki Research Facilities)

Research Enhancement Strategy Office

Technical Division

NIBB Conferences

NIBB-Princeton Symposium

Collaboration Programs with Overseas Institutions

Collaborative Activities with Joint Usage / Research Center

Bioimaging Forum

NIBB Training Courses

Advanced Bioimaging Support

NIBB Internship Program

NIBB Openhouse

Outreach Activities


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