Organization of the National Institute for Basic Biology

Goals of the NIBB

Personnel Changes and Awardees in 2008

Cell Biology

Division of Cell Mechanism

Division of Molecular Cell Biology

Laboratory of Cell Structure

Laboratory of Cell Sociology

Developmental Biology

Division of Morphogenesis

Division of Developmental Genetics

Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology

Division of Embryology

Division of Germ Cell Biology

Division of Reproductive Biology

Division for Sex Differentiation

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics for Reproduction

Laboratory of Plant Organ Development


Division of Molecular Neurobiology

Division of Brain Biology

Laboratory of Neurophysiology

Laboratory of Neurochemistry

Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity

Division of Molecular Genetics

Division of Genome Dynamics

Division of Evolutionary Biology

Laboratory of Morphodiversity

Labotatory of Bioresources

Environmental Biology

Division of Molecular Environmental Endocrinology

Division of Plant Developmental Genetics

Division of Photobiology

Laboratory of Photoenvironmental Biology

Theoretical Biology

Division of Theoretical Biology

Laboratory of Genome Informatics

Imaging Science

Laboratory for Spatiotemporal Regulations

Strategic Planning Department

Strategic Planning Department

Research Support

Research Support Facilities

Research Center for Integrative and Computational Biology

Center for Transgenic Animals and Plants

Center for Analytical Instruments

Technical Division

Okazaki Research Facilities

Center for Radioisotope Facilities

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