[Jan. 2021:終了]
Global BioImaging(GBI)主催:Course & Lecture のお知らせ

International Training Courses

ABiSが参画する Global BioImaging(GBI)より、コースとレクチャーに関するお知らせがございました。
GBI は欧州のイメージングネットワーク(EuBI: Euro-Bioimaging)が展開する、世界規模のイメージングネットワークです。

オンライン開催 / 言語:英語


【1. Image Data: data management, cloud-based sharing, and image data repositories】

光顕、電顕などの画像データの共有と画像解析に関する3日間のコースです。日本時間 20:00 – 22:30

Event format: Course
Date and time: 27-29 January 2021, 20:00 – 22:30 JST
Target audience: Imaging core facilities staff, image analysts and imaging scientists.

*Application deadline: 11 January 2021*
This 3-day course will feature OMERO data management software, Image Data Resource (IDR), Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive (EMPIAR), and BioImage Archive image data repositories, and new image file format for cloud-based sharing of images. This course will be taught in a workshop and lecture format via Zoom.

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【2. Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive (EMPIAR) & BioImage Archive】

電顕画像の共有に関する1日だけのコースです。日本時間 21:30 – 22:30

Event format: Lecture
Date and time: 28 January 2021, 21:30 – 22:30 JST
Target audience: Open to everyone

This lecture will focus on Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive (EMPIAR), a public resource for raw, 2D electron microscopy images where you can browse, upload and download the raw images used to build 3D structures. This lecture will also cover new developments within BioImage Archive, a resource that stores and distributes biological images that are useful to life-science researchers.

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【3. Bangalore Microscopy Lecture Series 2021】

それぞれの回によって開始時間が微妙に異なっていますが、およそ日本時間 23:00から23:30 頃に開始し、1〜2時間で終了とのことです。

Event format: Lecture series
Date and time: 25 January 2021 – 12 July 2021
Target audience: PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, imaging scientists and imaging core facilities staff

*Application deadline: 15 January 2021*
Lecture series will cover a wide variety of imaging technologies within light microscopy from super-resolution microscopy to laser scanning confocal microscopy to light sheet microscopy as well as topics such as image analysis and Open Microscopy Environment & OMERO. Lectures will be delivered via Zoom.

For full information about the contents and to apply, please visit: