The 9th Okazaki Biology Conference

Marine Biology II



The Okazaki Biology Conferences (OBC) are international conferences initiated by the leadership of the National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) aiming to create new international networks of scientists as well as to facilitate the development of future areas of research in the biological sciences. The theme of the 9th OBC will be "Marine Biology II".

The ocean is the source of life and home to a wide variety of organisms. NIBB hosted the previous “Marine Biology” meeting (OBC6) with the understanding that marine biology is becoming one of the most important fields in biology. As the second meeting on marine biology, OBC9 will focus more on Cnidarians including corals and their symbiotic algae, because this research field is still developing rapidly and already providing many unexpected observations and insights of general significance. The scientific sessions will cover genomics, Evo-Devo, photosynthesis, ecophysiology, circadian rhythms, and symbiosis. Through these sessions, we would like to discuss the current problems and future potential of the field in basic biology. We are looking forward to hearing exciting new research results from all over the world.
Finally, we thank NIBB for the initiative and enormous support to hold this conference and also the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for providing us a wonderful opportunity to extend the conference in Okinawa.
Nori Satoh, OIST
Thomas C. G. Bosch, University of Kiel
Jun Minagawa, NIBB