Prof. Mitsuyasu Hasebe

Mitsuyasu Hasebe obtained a Ph.D. in Plant Systematics in 1992 from University of Tokyo, Department of Botany, Japan supervised by Prof. Kunio Iwatsuki with a great collaboration with Prof. Masahiro Kato. The title of his thesis is "Molecular phylogeny of land plants". He continued molecular phylogeny of land plants in Prof. Kunio Iwatsuki's lab in The Botanical Gardens, University of Tokyo as Assistant Professor since 1992. He started research works on EvoDevo focusing on MADS-box genes in Ceratopteris during a stay in Prof. Jo Ann Banks's lab at Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.A. from Sept. 1993 to July 1995 as a visiting researcher. He was an Associate Professor in Division of Speciation Mechanisms II, National Institute for Basic Biology since November 1996, and has been a professor in the same lab since July 2000.

Curriculum vitae