Joint Proteomics Training Course

- Protein Identification, Quantification and Characterization -

This is a practical course combining hands-on training and lectures in proteomics for three days. Students will be trained in the identification of proteins by mass spectrometry, including in-gel digestion of experimental samples, LC-MS/MS analysis, and data interpretation by bioinformatics techniques. Lectures range from the basics of LC-MS/MS to cutting-edge scientific topics in proteomics. Prof. Ileana Cristea, a leading scientist in this field, will give intensive lectures and experimental instruction.

July 19th, 2017, Proteomics Lecture I: Practice data analysis with bioinformatics software, Preparation of experimental samples;

July 20th, Proteomics Lecture II: Scientific lectures on applications of proteomics, LC-MS/MS analysis;

July 21st, Proteomics Lecture III: Analysis, visualization and interpretation of acquired data.

National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) (Okazaki, Aichi, Japan)

Ileana Cristea and Todd Greco (Princeton Univ.)

Shuji Sigenobu, Noriyuki Kinoshita, Tomoko Mori and Yumiko Makino (NIBB); Kensuke Kawade (OIIB/NIBB); Ileana Cristea and Todd Greco (Princeton Univ.)

To be announced

Basic molecular biology knowledge/techniques are required.


Free for registration; around JPY 4,000 for banquet

16 participants

Naoto Ueno and Shuji Shigenobu (NIBB); Ileana Cristea (Princeton Univ.)

A selection may be held if there are more applicants than this course size. We will let you know the result until June 26 (Mon) by e-mail.

For the online Application Form please use this link:

Application has been closed.

June 15th, 2017



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