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KAWADE, Kensuke

Specially appointed Associate Professor
KAWADE, Kensuke

Research Summary

Our laboratory studies how metabolic systems are coordinately modulated with developmental progression in plants. Emerging evidences indicate that each developmental process requires specific regulation of metabolism most likely to produce signaling molecules and/or to support the progression itself. Despite the advances in plant developmental biology, until now, less attention has been paid to this research topic due to an insufficient interaction between developmental and metabolism research fields. Given this situation, we are now carrying out genetic screening using Arabidopsis thaliana to explore as-yet-unknown relationship between development and metabolism. Cutting-edge techniques including metabolomics, quantitative imaging and numerical simulation, together with solid biochemistry, microscopy and molecular biology, are currently working in our laboratory with kind help by friendly collaborators. Lastly, we would like to emphasize that our interest is not limited in Arabidopsis thaliana; we aim to understand an evolutional aspect of plant development by using Physcomitrella patens.

PhD Program

Highly motivated students with a strong interest in plant development and metabolism are welcome.



Selected Publications

Kawade K., Tanimoto H. (2015). Mobility of signaling molecules: The key to deciphering plant organogenesis. Journal of Plant Research 128; 17-25.


Kawade K. (2014). Proliferative control of leaf cells through inter-cell-layer AN3 signaling. Plant Morphology 26; 59-63.


Kawade K., Horiguchi G., Usami T., Hirai Y. M., Tsukaya H. (2013). ANGUSTIFOLIA3 signaling coordinates proliferation between clonally distinct cells in leaves. Curr. Biol. 23; 788-792.


Kawade K., Horiguchi G., Ishikawa N., Hirai Y. M., Tsukaya H. (2013). Promotion of chloroplast proliferation upon enhanced post-mitotic cell expansion in leaves. BMC Plant Biol. 13; 143.


Kawade K., Horiguchi G., Tsukaya H. (2010). Non-cell-autonomously coordinated organ size regulation in leaf development. Development 137; 4221-4227.


Project associated professor, Kensuke Kawade E-mail: Tel: 0564-59-5883