The 64th NIBB Conference

Evolution of Seasonal Timers


Dear Colleagues:

Organisms living outside the tropics experience seasonal changes in the environment, accordingly adapt their physiology and behavior. Circannual clocks are a fundamental feature of eukaryotic organisms, necessary for such diverse phenomena as the timed emergence of ground squirrels or bats from their hibernacula, the autumn migration of birds, and transitions between haploid and diploid life-cycle stages in unicells. The mechanistic nature of these circannual clocks remains one of the outstanding mysteries in biology.

At this symposium, entitled “Evolution of seasonal timers”, we aim to promote our understanding of the mechanisms of seasonal time measurement and circannual clock.

In addition to the invited speakers, poster presentations are welcome from participants, some of which will be selected for short talks. We are looking forward to seeing you in Okazaki.


Andrew Loudon (University of Manchester, UK)

David Burt (The Roslin Institute, UK)

David Hazlerigg (UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)

Takashi Yoshimura (National Institute for Basic Biology, Japan)