Under the COVID-19 emergency, we operate the Functional Genomics
Facility as follows. Following the NIBB guideline in the COVID-19
emergency, you need a permission from your PI to enter the Functional
Genomics Facility and to use the instruments. Make sure to consult
your PI for your experiment plan in this area.
 We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we would appreciate your

1) We cannot accept visitors from outside of NIBB/NIPS. Meetings can
be arranged as net meetings. Contact us for details.

2) NIBB/NIPS members can continue to use our instruments in a
self-service manner. If you have any questions, email us. We cannot
provide on-site supports, but we are happy to help you by email or

3) We suspend the acceptance of new projects and new analyses
(mass-spectrometry and next-gen sequencing). However, we continue
ongoing projects.

4) This policy is effective until May 31st.

The Facility maintains a wide array of core research equipment, from standard machinery like ultracentrifuges to cutting edge tools such as next generation DNA sequencers, which amount to 70 different kinds of instruments. The facility is dedicated to fostering collaborations with researchers both of NIBB and other academic institutions worldwide by providing these tools as well as expertise. Our current focus is supporting functional genomics that utilizes mass spectrometers and DNA sequencers. We also act as a bridge between experimental biology and bioinformatics.