The 10th NIBB-EMBL Symposium 2013

Quantitative Bioimaging



The meeting is intended to summarize and highlight state-of-the-art approaches and (more importantly) to name and discuss upcoming challenges and pitfalls in quantitative bioimaging. Fields of discussion will be: High resolution and high throughput approaches, New molecular probes, 3D biology, Triggering the cycle between experiment and modeling.

We had planned the meeting for March of 2011, but due to the effects of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the northern part of Japan the meeting was cancelled. However, we have rearranged the meeting to take place in 2013.



Rainer Pepperkok (EMBL)

Matthias Weiss (Univ. of Bayreuth)

Naoto Ueno (NIBB)

Toshihiko Fujimori (NIBB)