The 10th NIBB-EMBL Symposium 2013

Quantitative Bioimaging



We recommend the following accommodations. All participants (except for the invited speakers) are encouraged to make reservations as soon as possible. Rooms for the invited speakers have been reserved at the Okazaki New Grand Hotel by the symposium office.


A: Okazaki New Grand Hotel

Tel: +81-564-21-5111  Fax: +81-564-21-0109        

 *Attendees of the conference receive a discounted rate (Single: 7,245 yen) 



B: Okazaki Central Hotel

Tel: +81-564-51-2830  Fax: +81-564-51-2969


C: Okazaki Ohwa Hotel

Tel: +81-564-28-2001  Fax: +81-564-28-2000        


D: Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel

Tel: +81-564-26-3111  Fax: +81-564-26-3112


E: Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel East-Wing

Tel: +81-564-26-3111  Fax: +81-564-26-3112        


F: Green Hotel "Rich Tokugawaen"

Tel: +81-564-53-3151  Fax: +81-564-53-7944


G: Okazaki Sun Hotel

Tel: +81-564-65-6000  Fax: +81-564-65-6001


H: Okazaki Single Hotel

Tel: +81-564-21-1088  Fax: +81-564-21-1014


I: Super Hotel Okazaki

Tel: +81-564-28-9000  Fax: +81-564-28-9003        


J: AB Hotel

Tel: +81-564-54-1005  Fax: +81-564-54-1082



Mishima Lodge (Institute guest house)

The lodge is located next to the venue. Single rooms are equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, a TV set and an in-room wireless Internet connection. A wired Internet connection is available in the lobby. 

mishima.jpg  mishima_bed.jpg

The symposium office reserves rooms for symposium participants.

The number of reserved rooms is limited, so the booking of a room will be on a first come first reserved basis.

If you wish to stay Mishima Lodge, please contact us at