3.7  Observation of Sperms

Naomi Sumikawa



Gametophores incubated for approximately 20 days after transfer to 15.



1.Remove leaves around the antheridia on a wet paper (e.g. KIM WIPE). Take care not to dry the sample and not to disperse sperms by dipping the antheridium in water.


2.Put a drop of water on a slide glass. Apply silicon grease around the water. Put the dissected antheridia in the water.








3.Observe under the differential interference contrast microscope. A mass of sperms surrounded by jelly-like material comes out from a mature antheridium. We have not observed sperms actively moving, and some modifications of procedure are necessary. If it is hard to recognize sperms, try DAPI staining and crescent sperm nuclei are observed.