2.4  Sporangium collection and storage

Yuji Hiwatashi



Spore preservation is the most stable method. A mature sporangium is harvested, dried and stored at 4˚C. A sporangium contains thousands of spores. We have confirmed that spores can be stored for at least 4 years under this condition, and should be stable longer.



1. Cultivate gametophores at 15˚C under short-day conditions (8L16D) and induce sporophyte formation .

2. After development of a brown sporophyte at the apex of a gametophore, cut the seta of the sporophyte with a scalpel and forceps, and separate the sporangium from the gametophore. Do not cut green sporangia that have not yet matured. 

Cut here



3. Collect sporangia into a microtube and air-dry them for a couple of days.

4. Store at 4˚C. 



Gametophores with sporophytes





[Key points]

Collect mature brown sporangia. Dot not collect immature green sporangia.