This is the 6th NIBB laboratory course and associated workshops on Physcomitrella patens held at the National Institute for Basic Biology, in Okazaki. The laboratory course/workshops are designed to teach graduate students and researchers how to use the moss Physcomitrella patens for their own experimental systems. The course focuses on basic and advanced laboratory techniques and recent progress achieved using the moss. The course is suited both for those who have no experience with Physcomitrella, and those with some prior experience who wish to expand their techniques.

In 1997, when my laboratory started to use Physcomitrella as an experimental material, Physcomitrella researchers from all over the world kindly shared the most up-to-date techniques and information. We respect the ideas behind gOnh and gGirih, special attributes of the Japanese mentality (, and that is why we have voluntarily continued to offer this laboratory course.

Welcome to the world of Physcomitrella and its beauty.

Mitsuyasu Hasebe,
National Institute for Basic Biology