The 68th NIBB Conference

Principles of Cell Communication in the Tissue


Intercellular communication that is mediated by secretory signal proteins is important in the development and functional maintenance of living tissues.  Indeed, many molecules related to tissue development and their functional maintenance, including secretory signal proteins, receptors for these proteins, and molecules functioning in the intercellular signaling pathway, have already been identified. As a result, the entire molecular catalog for intercellular communication has started to become ever clearer.

Nonetheless, many questions still remain concerning issues like the mechanisms underlying the establishment and regulation of the morphogen gradient, or those of the microenvironment and the stem cell niche. Recent and rapid advances in the fields of imaging techniques, quantitative analysis and methods of protein structure analysis are making it possible to analyze the dynamics and structure of the molecules involved at a much higher spatio-temporal resolution. As a result, we now have a better understanding of the potential answers to said remaining questions, resulting in a breaking of new ground in the study of this field.

In this symposium, we will focus on the interaction between Wnt ligands and membrane proteins, tissue development brought about by these signals, and the regulation of tissue polarity. We will also bring together researchers who are engaged in cutting edge research pertaining to signal transduction, while also discussing findings and issues stemming from recent studies and the direction of future research.