The 66th NIBB Conference / ABiS International Symposium

Cutting Edge Techniques of Bioimaging



       We are very pleased to hold the 66th NIBB Conference/ABiS International Symposium “Cutting Edge Techniques of Bioimaging” in Okazaki. We welcome all the participants to the conference.
Recent advances in techniques for bioimaging not only of instruments such as optical microscopes but also of methods, which enable us to obtain enormous amounts of imaging data with high spatiotemporal resolutions, are remarkable.  However, it is still challenging to develop and introduce techniques to grasp an understanding of the intrinsic biological systems in living organisms in further depth and to lead to new discoveries of the principles underlying biological processes. This conference is intended to highlight cutting-edge techniques in bioimaging field, especially super-resolution imaging and live cell imaging.
This joint meeting is a collaboration event between National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) and Advanced Bioimaging Support (ABiS), which launched in 2016 under the support by MEXT to provide comprehensive support for advanced imaging in the field of life science.
We are convinced that this conference provides an excellent opportunity to review the recent cutting edge techniques in bioimaging research.
Naoto Ueno, National Institute for Basic Biology
Toshihiko Fujimori, National Institute for Basic Biology
Junichi Nabekura, National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Masanobu Kano, The Leader of ABiS (National Institute for Physiological Sciences /The University of Tokyo)
* The image on the top page of the website was provided by Drs. Motosuke TSUTSUMI and Tomomi NEMOTO from the Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido University.