The 66th NIBB Conference / ABiS International Symposium

Cutting Edge Techniques of Bioimaging




Accommodations should be personally arranged. 

This is a list of hotels in the vicinity of the venue, the Okazaki conference center.


A: Okazaki New Grand Hotel

Tel: +81-564-21-5111  Fax: +81-564-21-0109       

 *Attendees of the conference receive a discounted rate of 8,830 including breakfast. Please mention this discount when booking your room.


B: Okazaki Central Hotel

Tel: +81-564-51-2830  Fax: +81-564-51-2969


C: Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel

Tel: +81-564-26-3111  Fax: +81-564-26-3112 


D: Super Hotel Okazaki

Tel: +81-564-28-9000  Fax: +81-564-28-9003 




Okazaki Ohwa Hotel

Tel: +81-564-28-2001  Fax: +81-564-28-2000  


Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel East-Wing

Tel: +81-564-65-7111  Fax: +81-564-65-7113       


Okazaki Sun Hotel

Tel: +81-564-65-6000  Fax: +81-564-65-6001


AB Hotel

Tel: +81-564-54-1005  Fax: +81-564-54-1082



Mishima Lodge (Institute guest house)

The lodge is located next to the venue. Single rooms are equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, a TV set and an in-room wireless Internet connection. A wired Internet connection is available in the lobby. 

mishima.jpg  mishima_bed.jpg

The conference office has also reserved a few rooms at the lodge, costing 2,500 JPY per a night.
Please contact us at "".