Light Microscopy

4D Microscopy

Research Supporter:Toshihiko FUJIMORI
NIBB・ Div. of Embryology

Multidimensional timelapse observations over several days will be supported using spinning disc confocal microscopes and multi photon microscopes equipped with incubators. In addition to observation of cells, organs and tissues, observation of living animals will be supported. To realize these observations, we will help with preparation of samples and arrangement of mice expressing fluorescent markers maintained in our institute. We also offer technical support on searching for culture conditions of tissues and imaging conditions.

  • Observation of cell behavior in the live embryo

  • 3D images of a live mouse embryo

  • Equipment:
    3 Spinning disc confocal microscopes with incubation systems
    2P microscope  (inverted with 1045nm fiber laser and incubation system)
    2P microscopes (upright, inverted with 680-1300nm lasers)