Image Analysis

Construction and technical support for the analysis and visualization of bioimage information

Research Supporter:Yoshitaka Kimori
Fukui University of Technology

We provide support on image quality improvement and information extraction/analysis/visualization from images captured using a microscope or any other medical modality. In order to recognize an object from an image, it is necessary to emphasize and extract a structure that is difficult to see, and then visualize it in two dimensions (2D) or three dimensions (3D). In addition, it is essential to apply effective analysis methods according to the nature and characteristics of the target of analysis in order to quantitatively understand the target. We provide technical support to meet such needs and work on solving the problem.

  • The original image is converted into a more suitable image that can be used for analysis by emphasizing on the analysis target with a detailed structure as well as eliminating noise and artifacts.

  • Measurement of 2D and 3D structures present in image data.

  • 2D and 3D visualization to understand the positional relationship of complex structures.

  • Development of an analysis method of image information or determination of optimum combination and conditions of various image processing filters.

  • Extraction of morphological information from an image.

  • Quantification of the features of objects to be analyzed, such as texture, shape, and distribution.