Image Analysis

Consultations and technical supports in light microscopy analysis

Research Supporter:Yoshihisa Oda
National Institute of Genetics

We have studied the structural dynamics of cytoskeletons, endomembranes, and cell walls in plants. We have used and optimized various techniques to analyze the fluorescent images and confocal images of plant cells and plant tissues. Here, we provide supports in analysis of light microscopies, including quantification of intracellular structures, measurements of cytoskeleton dynamics, and elucidation of protein-protein interactions. We will propose the best methods for each image samples along with the applicants’ research aims. We also support probe selection and assessment of observation conditions.

  • We support quantification of the amount, distribution, and co-localization for intracellular structures.

  • We support analysis of the binding property of cytoskeleton-associated proteins.

  • We support construction of three-dimensional models and omni-directional observation models.

  • We support measurements of the dynamic behavior of cytoskeleton.

  • We support elucidation of protein-protein interaction in vivo.

  • We support probe selection, examination of observation conditions, and interpretation of the results.