Image Analysis

Consultations and technical supports for bioimage analysis

Research Supporter:Takumi Higaki
IROAST,Kumamoto University

We are studying on plant cell morphology and cytoskeletal organization based on microscopic observation and image analysis. In this project, we will provide supports for microscopic image analysis including processing, quantification, and classification. We will also provide consulting for image acquisition from experimental points of view.

  • We will provide supports for segmentation and morphometry. We will support to develop new metrics for evaluation of biological phenomena, other than basic metrics such as area and circularity.

  • We will provide supports for three-dimensional segmentation and measurement based on serial optical sectional images.

  • We will provide supports for quantitative evaluation of filamentous organization including cytoskeletons. To evaluate multiple features of filamentous organization, various metrics including orientation, bundling and density will be measured.

  • We will support to quantify distribution of fluorescently-labeled molecules and their time evolution based on fluorescent image dataset.

  • We will support image clustering or classification based on biological features that were measured from images.

  • We will provide consulting service for quantitative microscopy.