Image Analysis

Electron Microscopic Images

Research Supporter:Takuo Yasunaga
Kyushu Institute of Technology

We support image processing, analysis, mainly, for electron microscopic images (TEM, SEM). We have been developing an image analysis system, Eos, which has more than 500 commands and can perform image processing of 2D and 3D images (noise reduction, correction of EM-specific contrast transfer function, atomic modeling), with including 3D reconstruction from 2D images, such as ’single particle analysis’ and ‘electron tomography’. We also support the other useful programs such as RELION and imod, which have been developed by the other researchers in the field of structural biology. We can also develop a new algorithm to solve what you hope.

  • Our developing site, ’Eospedia’, gives us the general information for 2D and 3D image processing for electron microscopic images.

  • Panorama views were automatically created from several images from TEM and SEM.

  • Highly resolved 3D density map of actin were reconstructed from many 2D images. We can support single particle analysis.

  • A 3D structure of flagella was reconstructed from tilt series of images by electron tomography. Furthermore, we removed noise and artifacts of the 3D image.

  • We corrected EM-specific contrast transfer functions of electron microscopic images and so removed the noise to clarify the biological meanings.

  • The symmetry of microtubules was determined, and the protofilaments were averaged. The biological features you want to know could be extracted.