Image Analysis

Software and algorithm for bioimage analysis

Research Supporter:Seiichi Uchida
Faculty of ISEE Kyushu University

  • Target tracking is one of the most popular tasks for bioimage analysis. If the target is a single object, it is rather a simple task.
    (Image: Mouse behavior analysis with Prof. Suzuki, Hokkaido Univ)

  • Target tracking becomes far more difficult when we need to deal with multiple targets.
    (Image: Medaka tracking with Prof. Watanabe, NIBB)

  • We can suggest appropriate tracking approaches for individual task, as well as appropriate conditions for imaging.
    (Image: E. Coli tracking with Prof. Hanai, Kyushu Univ.)

  • Target extraction is also a popular task. We need to design appropriate methods for individual targets.
    (Image: Cytoplasmic stream analysis with Prof. Kimura, NIG)

  • Shape analysis is a compound task of shape detection and shape quantification.
    (Image: Bleb analysis with Prof. Ikenouchi, Kyushu Univ.)

  • We can support image recognition, which is necessary for anomaly detection, etc. We also can support machine learning and feature extraction.