Image Analysis

Development of image processing/analysis algorithms for biological data

Research Supporter:Naoto Ueno
Division of Morphogenesis, National Institute of Basic Biology

We develop image analysis algorithms especially for bio-medical images for extracting morphological features and building mathematical theory underlying that shape. By applying these approaches, we will provide supports for feature extraction and quantification, and image enhancement techniques for bio-medical imaging data. We will also support batch processing of large data set such as images obtained by multi-dimensional time-lapse microscopy.

  • Visualization of apical-most surface of epithelial sheet from 4D image stacks by confocal time-lapse microscopy. Epidermal cell dynamics in 4D space was successfully described.

  • A lightweight/native 4D stack manipulator equipped intuitive user interface for manual feature extraction at ease.

  • We support analysis of cell density, distribution pattern and quantitative description and/or visualization of these features using computational geometric method.

  • We have developed new computational image analysis methods based on mathematical morphology for extraction of shape information and quantification of image data.

  • We support measurement of shape features of target objects by shape information based image processing.

  • We support 3D reconstruction of 2D images, extraction of complex shape features and 3D quantitative analysis using automatic/semi-automatic image segmentation method.