About platform ABiS (Advanced Bioimaging Support)

In the field of life science, imaging techniques are widely used on many scales, from molecules to cells to intact tissues and individuals. The demand for bioimaging has increased in recent years. However, due to advances in imaging technologies, i.e., the diversification and sophistication of special imaging equipment, advances in operations technology, increased costs of advanced imaging equipment, and advances in image analysis technologies, individual research institutes (including universities) have encountered increasing difficulties related to the acquisition and operation of imaging equipment.

Our supporting platform, ABiS (Advanced Bioimaging Support), has introduced cutting-edge apparatuses for light microscopy, electron microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, and other methods. ABiS was established by domestic partner organizations that owned and operated multiple types of advanced specialized imaging equipment, in order to provide comprehensive support for advanced imaging in the field of life science.

We hope you will utilize the ABiS platform in your research projects.